Thursday, August 24, 2017

The 2017 Zambia Reformed Conferences—Day Three

Voddie Baucham preaching on the 3rd evening of the combined conference
I attended the Family Conference today. Pastor Bob Dickie again started with his salvation testimony and how it led to a mini-revival. He then preached on Sola Gratia (“by grace alone”) from Ephesians 2:1–10. He dealt with the need for grace, the work of grace, the source of grace, and the purpose of grace. He gave a quick tour of the New Testament showing its emphasis on grace. He showed the logic of this truth by starting with the fact that unbelievers are spiritually dead and the Bible refers to salvation as recreation, resurrection, and rebirth. In each of those pictures, the beneficiary is passive while God is active!

Pastor Bob Dickie preaching at the Family Conference
The second preacher was Dr Voddie Baucham. He preached on the necessity of creeds and catechisms in gaining a proper understanding of the truths that were brought out in the Reformation.

Dr Voddie Baucham preaching at the Family Conference
In the afternoon, the Lusaka Ministerial College had their second graduation. Pastor Bob Dickie was the guest of honour and 5 students graduated. Pictures are the best witness and so I will leave the pictures to speak for themselves.

Francis Ngoma receiving his diploma

Friday Nyambe receiving his diploma (cum laude)

Gabriel Banda receiving his diploma

German Banda receiving his diploma

Joseph Banda receiving his diploma

Graduation group photo ceremony of the Lusaka Ministerial College
In the evening, Dr Voddie Baucham was back! He preached from Titus 1:1–16, showing the relationship between faith, truth, and godliness. He started by showing how the Roman Catholic Church prior to the Reformation sustained a religion of fear but the Reformers freed the people from fear by the truth of the gospel. In Titus 1:1–16, Paul dealt with faith, truth and godliness three times over (1:1–3, 4–9, and 10–16). Paul ended the first section with himself as the preacher, the second section with the elders as the instructors, and the third section (2:1) with Titus as the teacher. Voddie ended with Titus 3:3–8, showing that this preaching produces a religion of hope and not of fear.

Dr Voddie Baucham preaching in the evening at the combined conference

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  1. Thanks for the update... really insightful and the powerful expository preaching are fresh breeze to the soul. I wish I was in Lusaka for the conference.
    Sunday Sinyinza
    Cape Town