Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Homosexual Agenda

(My 19th Radio Christian Voice Commentary for 2015)

I continue to be alarmed by the way in which Western funds are being used in Africa, and in Zambia to be more precise, in pushing the homosexual agenda. It does not matter how many times Zambians reject this, the funds continue to flow to make us change our minds.

Non-governmental organisations are the most vulnerable because they depend on donor money for their very existence. They cannot bite the finger that feeds them. Hence, they have to dance to the Master’s tune or face extinction. It is very sad.

Zambians have said a very clear “No” to the homosexual agenda over and over again. We are being made to look as if we are petty, fearful, and backward. We have said that it goes against both our cultural and Christian values. Yet, the pressure continues to mount.

I have a lot to say about how wrong this agenda is and how abnormal homosexuality is. However, too many children are listening to my commentary and so I do not want to defile their innocent minds. How best can I spare them and yet express myself? Let us try this.

In order to move from Point A to Point B in a car you need both a key and an ignition hole into which you place the key and turn it. I think that most adults will understand that. With so many second-hand Japanese cars in Zambia now almost all of us are driving these days.

If a person insists on forcing the key around the gear stick the car will not move, however much he rubs the two together. Similarly, if he insists on using the key in the exhaust pipe he will only make the key dirty but the car will not move. You get me?

Insisting that because the car is yours you can place the key wherever you want is not the point. Someone made the car and he made it for a purpose. Granted, part of the purpose was to give you pleasure as you drive. Yet remember a car is meant to move you around.

When I was a child, we would often sit in dad’s car and pretend we were driving. We would make “vroom!” sounds with our mouths and even bounce on the driver’s seat as if we were going over bumps. It was enjoyable but the car never got us from Point A to Point B.

That was okay. We were kids. We were imitating our parents. But now we have grown up. We have put childish ways behind us. We know that you need to have a real key and put it into an ignition hole in order to fulfil the purpose for which the car was made.

Similarly, sex is not only for pleasure. It is also for procreation, taking us on the road of partnership in parenting, as we fulfil God's cultural mandate to fill the earth and subdue it. The homosexual agenda flies in the face of all that and wants us to behave like kids. Come on, guys, grow up!


  1. Marriage has another reason besides procreation. It is used in the Bible as an illustration of the relationship between God and his worshipers. In the Old Testament Israel is called the wife of God; in the New the Church is the bride of Christ. In both cases the male partner in marriage represents God while the female represents the people who serve him. A union between two men or two women can't accurately portray this relationship.

  2. Thank you for standing fast in what you know to be right and true. I continue to be amazed at how the God is using Africa to show up the depravity of the Western culture. May the bride of Christ continue to flourish and grow in Zambia. Our prayers with you.