Friday, September 16, 2011

Zambian Election Messages From Our Grade Six Pupils

“O LORD, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! You have set your glory above the heavens. From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise because of your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger” (Psalm 8:1-2).

Children singing a song during Assembly, led by one of their teachers
Kabwata Baptist Church runs a Christian school (Eagles Nest School). It has been my joy over the years to see these small children, who come in at kindergarten stage, leaving the school after their seventh grade not only with primary school education in their minds but also with biblical truths embedded in their souls. By the grace of God, I have had the privilege of seeing a number of them baptised and joining the life of the church. It continues to be my prayer that more and more of them will come to personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Pupil answering a question on the two greatest commandments during Assembly
Recently, the Grade Six pupils were asked to write about the coming Zambian Presidential, Parliamentary, and Local Government Elections. Below are four submissions from the pupils that I would like to share with a wider readership. These children below are all 11 years old and come from different backgrounds. However, it is clear that God is saying something through “the lips of children and infants”. Listen!

Sombo Simbeye

The time has come for our country to go to the polls. On the 20th September 2011. Choosing a leader should not be taken lightly, because it will affect our lives, our country, and us as children. Leaders should be chosen by their character rather than their popularity.

Sometimes the most charismatic have proven to be the worst leaders of all times, for example Hitler of Germany. As we look at the ten candidates, let’s search deeper than the noise they make during campaigns.

From a child’s point of view, a good leader is a good father, honest, and loves our country. The Bible says we shall know them by their fruit, if their fruit is characterized by drunkenness, violence, quarrelling, love of money, and rioting then as a nation, we should be wise not to choose them. But if they are respectable, temperate, gentle, and above reproach, no matter what other people say, choose them.

Finally, let’s not choose because we are excited about people, but let’s reflect and choose those with characters that will make the nation proud. Choosing a president is like choosing a marriage partner. When you have a bad choice, there is no turning back. We always have to think twice before choosing. In conclusion, I would like to advice everyone to choose with wisdom.

* * * * *

Ian Williamson

Zambia is having elections on 20th September this year. We will choose a president, members of parliament, and councillors. They will hold their positions for five years. Voting is a right in Zambia. We will take a look at voting wisely.

Voting wisely will increase our chances of being a prosperous nation. With good leaders we can have a good country. As people of Zambia, we hold the future of our nation in the way we vote. Violence is not necessary to build up Zambia, nor wars to change the world. Peace is power. It is not the president who elects; he is elected. Zambia is a fertile land. We have the workers and resources; all we need is a leader to direct us.

Not all countries have the right to vote. We should use our privileges wisely.
In conclusion, making good choices, voting wisely, using our minds and choosing our leaders will change the face of Zambia.

* * * * *

Luyando Munkombwe

20th September, Zambia goes to the polls. In this we put our future in the hands of one presidential candidate. This is a very important decision, because our future depends on this occasion.

As we choose a new president, let us choose wisely because there are advantages and disadvantages to the way we vote. We as young citizens of Zambia are hoping for peaceful campaigns and elections. And we pray for God’s guidance during this time. The advantages of voting wisely are: better housing, better education, better roads, and good hospitals, just to name a few. The disadvantages are: civil war, bad roads, violence, and death.

So, in conclusion, I urge you to vote wisely for a better tomorrow. We need better lives and a peaceful country. Please vote wisely and pray for mother Zambia.

* * * * *

Lumbanya J Mulenga

Next week on 20th September 2011, Zambia is having an election. This will be the day when we choose our president, members of parliament, and councillors.

As a child, I would like to step up and say to everyone who is going to vote in this year’s election to vote wisely. Zambia is going to choose a leader of integrity, justice, passion and compassion, consistency of vision, confident and, most importantly, a leader with effective leadership skills. We, Zambians, are the decision-makers and we have a big role to play in this election. Choosing wrong leaders can result in many bad and destructive things; for example, war, bloodshed and even putting Zambia into a low and poor economy. Imagine that, for the next 5 years!

In conclusion, I urge everyone who is going to vote in this year’s election to vote for a leader who walks the talk, visionary, confident in decision-making abilities, has knowledge and discipline, willing to take Zambia to the next level. During this day we are to remind ourselves that we should vote wisely. Remember, YOUR VOTE, YOUR RIGHT, YOUR CHOICE!


  1. Praise God for such a privilege as this! To have children able to reflect and say something constructive and important as concerns their lives and the life of our nation is a blessing indeed!

    No doubt they will grow into very responsible citizens, and this country owes them a good good future!!!

  2. The children have reminded us that to them, elections are not just about a date that is highlighted on our calendars, but something with deeper implications and far reaching consequences for posterity. Indeed we must have our own and their future in mind as we vote, and beyond that, to see our nation prosper and grow in the fear of God.

  3. When I completed reading this post, my wish was that these children were of age and had voters’ card as it is evident that given the opportunity, they would certainly make an excellent choice. However, it is hoped that many will heed the advice and choose that leader of who will serve our country well.

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