Thursday, March 19, 2015

Our Director of Public Prosecution is being prosecuted

(My Radio Christian Voice Commentary for this week)

The Director of Public Prosecution, Mr Mutembo Nchito, is being prosecuted! This reminds me of the time when our late president, Michael Sata, suspended some high court judges and called a tribunal to put them on trial. We all said, “Our judges are finally also being judged!”

The judges put up one injunction upon another until our national excitement turned into yawning. The Malawian judge who was to chair the tribunal crossed the Zambian border a few times and decided to go back home, and President Michael Sata has since died.

It proved impossible to judge the judges. One wonders if it will prove impossible to prosecute the prosecutor. We are watching with the same excitement that we had when the judges were about to be judged. We will not be surprised if we end up yawning again!

Let me declare my interest in this matter. Mr Mutembo Nchito is a personal friend. Indeed he is a very close friend of mine. So, I am praying that when this tribunal is over he will be vindicated. But that is me. You may have a different opinion. Let us wait and see.

But listen! The Bible speaks about a judgement that we will all undergo. In 2 Corinthians 5:10 it says, “For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each one may receive what is due for what he has done in the body, whether good or evil.”

Whereas on earth there are categories of people that are almost impossible to bring before a judge, the Bible speaks of a day when God will judge all of us. There will be no exceptions or injunctions to stop this judgement. It will be the final day of judgement.

Earthly judges often go wrong. This is because they do not know everything and also because they can be biased. They are fallen creatures like the rest of us. There are individuals rotting in prison right now who are there due to the miscarriage of justice. That is a fact!

The good news is that this final day of judgement will be before a God who is holy and who knows all things. Those who have suffered injustice in human courts can look forward to this day because God will vindicate them before the eyes of the whole world.

Are you ready for this judgement? It does not matter who you are—president, minister, Member of Parliament, judge, or prosecutor—you will be judged by an all-seeing and just God. He will either welcome you into his heaven or send you to an eternal fire.

The truth is that on our own we cannot be ready for this final judgement because we are all sinners. There is only one way to be ready. It is by coming to the Lord Jesus Christ in genuine repentance and faith, calling on him to save us from sin. Have you done that yet?

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  1. The message is loud and clear. It is a timely warning to everyone and the Lord Jesus is the only surety for a born again Christian.