Monday, August 26, 2013

The Zambian Reformed Conferences Started Today

The combined first plenary meeting of the Zambian Reformed Conferences commenced promptly at 18.00 hrs today. It was led by Charles Bota, the organising team's chairman. Alfred Nyirenda welcomed the over one thousand participants by nations and by provinces. Almost all the provinces in Zambia were represented. Some countries that were present were Botswana, Cayman Islands, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, UK, USA, etc.

Alfred Nyirenda welcoming visitors, flanked by Charles Bota
Ronald Kalifungwa was the keynote speaker. He preached from Romans 13:11-14. In this passage, Paul spoke of taking off works of darkness and putting on the armour of light. Referring to 1 Thessalonians 5:8, Ronald showed that the armour of light is actually faith, hope and love. Ultimately, he said, we are to put on the Lord Jesus Christ. We are to follow Christ. He gave various motives for loving and following Christ based on his person and work.

Ronald also explained how we put on Christ. It is by hearing his word, knowing it, and putting our trust in him as he is presented to us in his word. Hope grows as we meditate much on his promises. Love grows as we reflect on his love.

Ronald Kalifungwa giving the keynote address
What has all this got to do with temptation and assurance? Putting on Christ is the way we make no provision for the flesh. We have fresh faith, fresh hope, fresh love for Christ. Hence the dazzling things of the world pale into insignificance. Putting on Christ is the way we confirm to ourselves that we are in the faith. When we reflect the life of Christ it confirms us in the view that we are truly the Lord's.

Ronald ended by appealing to us to put on Christ in order to overcome the pull of the world and of Satan. He also urged us to put on Christ in order to grow in our conformity to him.


  1. Thanks Pastor Conrad. Will you only post evening messages or some of the things from the School of Theology too? I know it is too much to do but too noble for total omission.:-)

    1. Ba Nsenduluka, I will try to blog the School of Theology today and then the Family Conference tomorrow, etc, etc, until the conference ends. I will send the bill later!

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