Monday, December 10, 2012

Our 2012 Intermediate and Junior Youth Camp

Our annual intermediate and junior youth camp came to an end this (Monday) morning. Apart from a quick peep on Saturday night, I was only able to attend the camp the whole day Sunday. Although we did not hit the 700 number we were targeting, we had about 600 young people present. As usual, it demands the most from our members to ensure that such a large number of kids are ministered to both physically and spiritually. Thankfully, the membership rose to the occasion. It was good to see so many of them involved in every corner of the camp—registration, meals, seminars, sick bay, counselling, small group studies, etc. Every each of ground was taken up, especially during the seminars which were held in parallel sessions.

Pastor Ronald Kalifungwa preaching to one of the groups
Pastor Albert Ngoma preaching to yet another group
Our main preachers this year were Pastors Ronald Kalifungwa, Albert Ngoma, and Chipita Sibale. Whereas in previous years I've tried to give a run down of the programme on specific days, this year I've opted to simply share some testimonies from young people who have been converted in recent camps. I took a few aside yesterday and interviewed them. I hope you will find these sample testimonies as a tonic for your soul and as fuel to impel you to pray for similar fruit from this year's camp. As usual, my camera was on duty throughout the day and so I have sprinkled this blog post with photos of different small group meetings.

The group to which Pastor Kalifungwa was preaching
The group to which Pastor Albert Ngoma was preaching
* * * * *
Hi, I am Salifya Simbeye. I was brought up in a Christian family. My mother brought my siblings and me up as a single parent. I got converted at this camp in 2009. Pastor Saidi Chishimba was preaching one evening about how everything is meaningless without God. I had wonderful plans for myself and realised they were going to be meaningless without God. I went to my dorm and thought about it. That was the day I repented of my sins. One area in which I have noticed a real change is in the way I relate to people. Previously, I never wanted to relate to people but now I am interested in them and in their welfare.

The group to which Pastor Chipita Sibale was preaching
* * * * *
Hello, I am Chibale Chisupa. I grew up in a Christian home with Christian principles. I was saved in 2010 during the youth camp that had the theme, "The wrath of God." I was talking to one of the camp counsellors about the challenges I face at school. She told me that to meet these challenges I needed Christ in my life. After our conversation, I went back to my room and thought about what she had said. That was when I gave my life to Christ. I have noticed a real interest in the things of God since then—reading my Bible, praying, going to church, etc.

Mrs Sarah Kalifungwa teaching during one of the seminars
* * * * *
Hi, my name is Siwilanji Sichalwe. I come from a Christian family. I got saved during the 2009 camp and the theme was, "Vanity of vanities." Pastor Saidi Chishimba was preaching about how meaningless life on earth was without the Lord Jesus Christ. After the camp I spoke to my mom about it. She again showed me from Scripture how meaningless life was without Christ. I then asked Christ to come into my life and save me. I was not free with people, but this has changed since Jesus saved me. I even enjoy reading the Bible and leading devotions at home.

Pastor Ronald Kalifungwa teaching in another seminar
* * * * *
Hello, my name is Khuzwayo Tembo. I grew up in a Christian family and have been going to church all my life. I used to think I was a Christian because of that. Before coming to camp in 2008 my dad spoke to me about whether I was a Christian. In my testimony Jesus was totally missing. When I came to camp the theme was, “The last judgment”. Pastor Makashinyi asked if we were ready for the judgment. I knew I was not. He pointed us to Christ as the only one who died to make us ready for judgment. There and then I gave my life to Christ. Although I liked going to church I never served Christ. Now I really want to serve him.

Mr George Sitali teaching in yet another seminar at the camp
* * * * *

Hi, my name is Njekwa Sitali. I grew up in a Christian family. I thought that in knowing I was a sinner, God would have mercy on me. In 2009 I attended the KBC youth camp. On the last night, the preacher told us about his friend from primary school days who always wanted to work for NASA but died soon after getting this job. I was really affected by this story. I went to my dorm and asked Jesus to save me but I don't think he did. The next day the same preacher pleaded with us to give our lives to Christ. That moment, I again asked Jesus to save me. This time I had the assurance that he answered my prayer. I was very short tempered before I became a Christian and did horrible things when I was angry. That anger has totally dissolved.

Mrs Miriam Nyasulu (heavy with child) teaching in yet another seminar
* * * * *
Hello, I am Nelson Mauzeni Mumba. I lost my mother when I was very young and now I live in the SOS Children's Village. In 2010, before Christmas, members of KBC came to the village to share a Christmas party with us. They invited us to this youth camp. The theme was, “The wrath of God.” At the camp, Mwindula Mbewe was the opening keynote speaker. He preached about spiritual fruit being proof of our salvation. I saw myself as a sinner deserving to be "cut down and thrown into the fire". I went to my room and thought about all this. It was then that I asked Christ to save me. My life has totally changed. I have a hunger for God's word and I gladly serve him among my fellow youths at the SOS Children's Village.

Mrs Clementina Daka teaching in yet another seminar
* * * * *
Hi, my name is Tolai Mwetwa. I was brought up in a Christian family. My dad is a pastor. Many people assumed that I must have become a Christian while I was still very young, since I came from such a home. That was not the case with me. I got converted in the 2011 youth camp. Pastor Saidi Chishimba said no matter how many sins we have committed God is willing to forgive us. Previously I used to think I was too big a sinner for God to forgive me. This used to really trouble me and the guilt had been getting stronger. I needed to do something. There and then, when I heard Pastor Saidi Chishimba say this, I gave my life to Christ. A few months later I went through doubts concerning my assurance of salvation. However, my faith in Christ's finished work and the change in my life have gone a long way to assure me that I am saved. I am now thirstier for God's word and I really want to know God more and more.

Pastor Albert Ngoma teaching at yet another seminar
* * * * *
There you are—seven testimonies of the grace of God in saving young sinners. Last night, Pastor Ronald Kalifungwa preached from 1 John 5 that one sign of a true believer is that he overcomes the world. He shared with me that one young man went to him and said, “I always thought I was a Christian until I heard you tonight. I have now realised that I am not. Please show me how I can become a Christian.” And so they spent some time in a corner as this young life was pointed to Christ!

Part of the 600 young people that heard the gospel this weekend
...and so to prayer. What shall we say? To God alone be the glory. Amen!


  1. Reading the testimonies of many was a joy. May the Lord be magnified through the lives of these new converts!

  2. Thanks for sharing.
    These testimony are really a blessing and very humbling indeed. To God alone be the glory!

  3. Wow so many young people responding to the gospel, to me this is a miracle. I have actually been loosing hope in the effect of the gospel most especially upon young people, currently i am in Montreal in Canada, and the gospel response from the youth is not encouraging at all. We are only left with almost all the streets named after saints, many churches have closed down and some are changed into bars or demolished. I am also moved by the humility of the venues, using what you have to advance the gospel, really displaying that it is God who does the work in the hearts of many. May God continue to work in the hearts of young people of Africa...