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Bible Colleges Worth Attending In Zambia--The Theological College Of Central Africa (TCCA)

[This is my 6th instalment on Bible Colleges worth attending in Zambia. This time the blog is about the Theological College of Central Africa—the flagship of conservative evangelicalism in Zambia. It is the oldest interdenominational theological college of all those that I am covering in this series of blogs, as the brief history below will show, and its graduates serve in every conceivable position in Zambia’s ecclesiastical world. I will now allow the college's public relations officer, Nama Fundulu, to take us by the hand and show us around this ancient landmark.]

The front buildings of the Theological College of Central Africa
Our History
The Theological College of Central Africa, abbreviated T.C.C.A. and pronounced as TEEKA, is a thirty year old ministry of the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) whose beginning can be traced to the Annual General Meeting of the EFZ, which is the national body of evangelical churches, mission groups, and para-church organisations, in May 1978.  At that meeting the EFZ established a Theological Education Committee to explore the possibility of cooperative post-secondary theological education.  The committee consisted of five men from five organisations represented in the EFZ.

The middle buildings of the Theological College of Central Africa
The Committee presented its report to the EFZ at the AGM of June 1980; a Board of Governors was established and negotiations began with the Evangelical Church in Zambia (ECZ) for the use of the former Bible College of Central Africa (BCCA), which had been founded by ECZ in the 1960s. 

The first Board of Governors consisted of three members from the ECZ, three members from the EFZ, and three members from any other group represented in the EFZ.  The principal was to be a non-voting ex-officio member of the board.

First Principal
Dr Roger Kemp (1982-1984)
The intention for establishing this college from the onset was to provide quality theological education, which maintains high academic standards, equips people for practical ministry and challenges them to grow in their relation with God through Christ. This was because by the late 70s the education levels in the pew were beginning to exceed those in the pulpit, particularly as the missionaries began to leave.  There were doctors and lawyers sitting in the Zambian church while most preachers remained at certificate level. So, the need for quality relevant contextual evangelical theological training could not be over emphasised. Ministry preparation had to be recognised academically and, consequently, accreditation was essential. TCCA was to be the first interdenominational theological college in Zambia, and it answered this particular need.

Second Principal
Rev. Tim Kopp (1984-1987)
Our Location
The college campus is strategically situated within a residential area in Ndola. A shopping centre, market, primary and secondary schools, and two hospitals are all within walking distance of the college campus.  Being centrally located makes a wide variety of ministries and teaching opportunities available to students in churches, para-church organisations, and in government and private schools.

Who we train 
We train men and women, called of God and affirmed by their local church, with the necessary prerequisites for post secondary studies in theology and education which is Bible based, relevant to the African context, and evangelical in character, in order that they will grow in their love for God and for their neighbour as they follow Jesus Christ in every aspect of life, fulfill his commands to make disciples of all nations and equip others for Christian service in the church and in the world. 

Third Principal
Rev. Rod Pell (1988-1996)

Our Emphasis

We place an emphasis on the relationship between African culture, religious practice, and Christian faith. We stress the importance of combining practical ministries with theoretical understanding through the application of knowledge to the life situations of African people.

Our Programmes

TCCA offers a four-year bachelor of theology programme and a three-year diploma of theology programme with three majors: Pastoral, Missions, and Education. These programmes are operated on a residential basis and are designed to fulfill the objectives of the college. They are intended for those who anticipate entering full-time Christian service, serving as local church pastors, Christian education workers, denominational leaders, Religious Education teachers, para-church workers, chaplains, missionaries.  

Fourth Principal
Rev. Joe Kapolyo (1996-2001)
Areas of Study
All students will normally take the following courses, some of which are a requirement for graduation: Theology: God, Man & Revelation, Ethics, Christ & Salvation etc. Church History: History of Christianity, History of the Church in Africa, etc.  Spirituality: Spiritual Life, Prayer.  Pastoral Studies: Evangelism & Discipleship, Christian leadership, Christian Marriage & Family, Counselling, etc. Education:  Sociology, Psychology, History & Philosophy of Education, etc.  Missions: History and theology of Mission, Community Development, African Traditional Religion, etc. General & Interdisciplinary Studies: English 1, 2, & 3, HIV & AIDS, Financial Administration, etc.

Fifth Principal
Rev. Joe Simfukwe (2001-2011)

In May 1986, TCCA became the first Zambian college to be granted post secondary accreditation by the Accrediting Council for Theological Education in Africa (ACTEA), thereby giving TCCA’s programmes international recognition and creating opportunities for postgraduate studies for the TCCA graduate.  In July 1997 and again in October 2007 TCCA was granted re-accreditation for another ten years.  In 1988, the college received recognition from Zambia’s Ministry of Education as a teacher training institution for Religious Education.  TCCA graduates who choose to enter the teaching profession in Zambia do so on equal footing with their government trained counterparts; most of them playing the dual role of teacher and chaplain.

Our Lecturers

As an interdenominational and international institution, TCCA derives its teaching staff from different constituencies who subscribe to TCCA’s statement of faith. Local and international adjunct lecturers compliment the fulltime lecturers.

Sixth Principal
Dr Lazarus Phiri (2012-)
How you can apply
All applicants to TCCA must exhibit a personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, have a sense of God’s call on their lives, and be affirmed by their church for Christian ministry in addition to their academic qualifications. Applications may be addressed to the Registrar at the contact address provided below or by e-mail to:

How you can support
Individuals or groups wishing to support the college with finances and prayer are much appreciated. Cheques, payable to ‘Theological College of Central Africa’ may be sent to the contact address below. For direct deposits, bank details may be obtained by phone or email. Donors can designate their gifts to particular needs such as student scholarships, faculty support, or general. You may want to be included on our mailing list and receive a copy of our newsletter and any other information that concerns the college.

A graduation ceremony at the Theological College of Central Africa
How you can contact us
For more details about TCCA visit our website: or contact us at 60-64 Kwacha Road, P.O. Box 250100, Ndola, Zambia.  Tel: +260 212 614304; +260 212 621890; +260 212 621636. Email:


  1. Wonderful your writing.Contract College strives to celebrate God as an interdenominational preparing organization, on a Reformed premise, which supports nearby places of worship with the preparation of their ministers and men who have pastoral responsibilities, principally centering our endeavors in the Eastern Province of Zambia, trying to reinforce the congregation of Jesus Christ and broaden the Kingdom of God. Best wishes!!
    Living Happy Online

  2. Would anyone know of updated contact information for this school? I have tried the website and the info email address but neither seem active. I would like more information about their Missions programme.

    1. Dear bardkelly,

      I have just seen your question. The college has transitioned to a university since this article was published. You can contact us on

  3. it is very good so that the Gospel of our Lord Jesus can be taken by people well teached trained and equiped. may God continually toucher your heart so that your can Go in front helping others.

  4. Am Shadreck Chanda, a christian in Chawama compound wishes to do pastoral studies